Terms & Conditions

Last update: January 2021

All work done by Tall Tail Pets is subject to our standard terms and conditions, as outlined below.

These are the terms on which Tall Tail Pets, hereinafter referred to as “Tall Tail Pets”, or “We”, is prepared to provide services to you, hereinafter called the “Client” or “You”.


Completion and signature of the Client Agreement Form will be deemed acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Tall Tail Pets reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, effective upon issuing a copy of the modified Terms and Conditions to the client.

The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for your convenience only and shall not affect interpretation.

1.0 Services

1.1 Subject to these terms and conditions, Tall Tail Pets will provide to you Pet Sitting Services as set out in the Agreement Form. The Agreement Form will be signed by the Client before the commencement of any services.

1.2 The Dog Walking service provided by Tall Tail Pets will consist of a 45 minute walk which will be charged as set out in the services page of the Tall Tail Pets website. If Tall Tail Pets needs to transport your dog(s) to the venue of the walk and/or needs to dry off your dog(s) after the walk, then these services will be provided free of charge in addition to the 45 minute walk.

1.3 Tall Tail Pets will not exercise dogs off the lead unless the Client has given permission on the signed Agreement form.

1.4 Tall Tail Pets will only board or walk females who are in season if we can adapt our services to meet the specific needs required.

1.5 Tall Tail Pets does not board or walk aggressive dogs.

1.7 For the duration of any Dog Walking/Dog Boarding services provided by Tall Tail Pets, We will attach a disc to the collar of the dog(s) which will contain relevant contact details for Tall Tail Pets.

1.8 Tall Tail Pets will not be held responsible for the loss of any cats that have access to a cat flap. In the event of a cat going missing, Tall Tail Pets will continue with agreed visits and will notify the vet, ID Chip, insurance and local police.

1.9 When using the Dog Boarding service, the Client will provide all food, medication and other requirements for their pets stay. Any additional items that have to be purchased will be paid for by the Client at the end of the stay.

1.10 Tall Tail Pets will not be able to offer Dog Visiting services where the dog will be left unattended overnight.

1.11 Whilst providing Pet Sitting Services, Tall Tail Pets will only leave pets unattended for short periods, as agreed with the Client on the Agreement Form or in an emergency.

1.12 Delivery and collection of any Pet(s) using Tall Tail Pets Boarding Services is strictly by appointment only.

2.0 Service Charges and Payments

2.1 All charges for Services provided to the Client shall be in accordance with those set out in the Services page of the Tall Tail Pets website.

2.2 For regular Dog Walking services, the Client will pay for the service in advance, with either the first walk of the week or month.

2.3 For irregular Dog Walking services, the Client will pay a 50% deposit on booking, with remainder being paid by the Client at the start of the first walk.

2.4 For Cat Visiting services, the Client will pay a 50% non refundable deposit on booking. The Client will pay the balance outstanding on commencement of service.

2.5 For Dog Boarding services, the Client will pay a 50% non refundable deposit on booking. The Client will pay the balance outstanding on commencement of service.

2.6 For Dog Boarding services charges are applied for every 24 hour period. (For example a dog dropped off at 9am on day 1 and picked up by 9am on day 2 will incur one 24 hour charge. A dog dropped off at 9am on day 1 and picked up at 16:00 on day 2 will incur two 24 hour charges).

2.7 Any services provided on Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday will be charged at double rate.

2.8 Tall Tail Pets reserves the right to modify Service charges at any time.

2.9 At this time, Tall Tail Pets accepts payment by cash or electronic bank transfer.

2.10 Any Dog Walks/Cat Visits cancelled by the Client with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at full rate.

2.11 Tall Tail Pets aims to walk dogs in a small group. If your dog requires to be walked individually this will incur a surcharge of £8 per walk.

2.12 Weekend walking (when available) will incur a £8 surcharge per walk.

2.13 Should boarding run beyond agreed booking each extra day will be charged at double rate.

3.0 Pet Welfare

3.1 If whilst providing Pet Services, it becomes necessary for the Pet(s) to be taken to visit a vet, Tall Tail Pets will endeavour to contact the Client or an alternative contact number provided by the Client on the Agreement Form.

3.2 Tall Tail Pets will endeavour to transport your Pet to the Veterinary Practise recorded on the Agreement Form. In an emergency Tall Tail Pets will transport your Pet(s) to the nearest Veterinary Practise.

3.3 For the duration of services provided by Tall Tail Pets the Client gives Tall Tail Pets permission to transport their Pet(s) to the Veterinary Practise recorded on the Agreement Form or in case of emergencies the nearest Veterinary Practise.

3.4 For the duration of services provided by Tall Tail Pets the Client authorises the Veterinary Practise recorded on the form, or in case of emergency the nearest Veterinary Practise, to treat their Pet(s).

3.5 The Client will be responsible for the payment of any fees incurred following a visit to a Veterinary Practise and will make full payment on their return.

3.6 Tall Tail Pets assumes no responsibility for the loss of the pet(s) and is released from all liability related to treatment and expense.

3.7 In the event of a flea or worm infestation Tall Tail Pets will treat the pet(s) at the Clients expense.

3.8 In the event of surgery or euthanasia Tall Tail Pets will accept the advice of the veterinary surgeon. Tall Tail Pets will notify the Client as per the Clients preference recorded on the Agreement Form.

3.9 Where the Client requires medication to be administered to pet(s) in the care of Tall Tail Pets, We require a Medication Permission form to be completed by the Client authorising this.

4.0 Pet Behaviour

4.1 Tall Tail Pets cannot accept bookings for badly behaved or aggressive animals. Tall Tail Pets may terminate an agreement if it is a reasonable thought that a pet is badly behaved or aggressive towards humans, animals or property.

4.2 Should the Client’s dog show aggressive tendencies towards any members of Tall Tail Pets or other animals or their behaviour becomes uncontrollable, Your dog will be placed in a boarding kennel until your return. Kennel fees that are incurred during this time will be the responsibility of the Client.

5.0 Client Responsibilities

5.1 The Client undertakes to make full disclosure to Tall Tail Pets of any characteristic, behaviour or health problems that may make their pet(s) unsuitable for Tall Tail Pets services. (For example; excessive loud barking, aggression towards other dogs or children)

5.2 The Client confirms that they are the owner of the pet(s) named on the Agreement Form, and that they authorise Tall Tail Pets to act as guardians during their absence and to take any action which Tall Tail Pets considers suitable in order to protect and keep in good health the pet(s) named on the Agreement Form.

5.3 The Client will be responsible for any costs which might be incurred, either Veterinary or other as a result of any sickness, accident or damage caused to or by the pet(s) named on the Agreement Form – except third party liability. The Client will pay any such costs or expenses on demand. The Client understands that no liability will attach to Tall Tail Pets.

5.4 The Client must inform Tall Tail Pets immediately if their Pet(s) become ill with a contagious condition. Until the Pet(s) have been declared in good health by the Clients Vet, the Pet(s) must remain away from other animals and, therefore, alternative arrangements may be necessary on a temporary basis.

5.5 The Client must ensure all animals using Tall Tail Pets Boarding Services have effective and up to date vaccinations. Proof of these vaccinations will be required at the start of the stay.

5.6 The Client will be responsible for informing Tall Tail Pets of any changes to details recorded on the Agreement Form.

– Martin

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